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Board Member
Senior Executive
Consumer Goods



Through his Supervisory and Advisory Board work, Michael Kamm shows his commitment to assuming responsibility and accountability towards shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and the general public. He places great importance on acting for the good of the company rather than personal interests.

He plays an active and leading role in the creation of forward-looking visions, values and a sustainable business policy, and is guided by his conscience in decisions requiring approval of business, strategies and organisational structures.

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Michael Kamm has the experience, personality and charm required to strike the perfect balance between what someone wants and what is actually possible. The crucial ability to not divide opinion and the way he always puts the interests of an organisation before those of an individual make him perfectly placed on a committee. He is able to tackle complex situations effectively thanks to his international experience and his impressively strong network.

I also consider Michael Kamm an excellent mentor and the perfect person to have on board when it comes to succession planning for family-run companies.

On a personal level, he adds something special to every conversation and he can be trusted infinitely.

Guido Happe
Board Partners & Board Academy
Managing Director

Having Michael Kamm on board as an executive is a positive development for any company as a whole as well as its workforce and shareholders.

It’s such a shame that there’s only one of him! Michael Kamm tackles the absolutely crucial and often tricky issues with astounding energy, keeping everything perfectly on track with his experience, creativity and meticulous approach.

As a former management-level colleague, I hold him in high esteem. He is a partner you can place your trust in fully and you can always rely on him to give you honest advice.

Richard Lohner
Kufner Group
Managing Director (CFO)