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Board Member
Interim Executive
Textile & Fashion



Through his Supervisory and Advisory Board work, Michael Kamm shows his commitment to assuming responsibility and accountability towards shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and the general public. He places great importance on acting for the good of the company rather than personal interests.

He plays an active and leading role in the creation of forward-looking visions, values and a sustainable business policy, and is guided by his conscience in decisions requiring approval of business, strategies and organisational structures.

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I have known Michael Kamm for over 20 years and have rarely met a manager who combines passion and precision in such a perfect symbiosis in his work. 

He is a great networker, an attentive and emphatic listener and an obliging person who gets things done. He never loses sight of his goals and he does not allow setbacks or obstacles to steer him off his course. 

Above all, he understands how to rally people behind him and fill them with enthusiasm for an issue.

I always find it exciting and inspiring to talk to him about transformation, digitalisation and modern corporate management and I am constantly amazed at his highly developed out-of-the-box thinking.

Dr. Werner Conrad
Chairman of the Board

Our paths crossed for the first time at Etienne Aigner AG in April 2006 and I found myself thinking that Michael Kamm was a fascinating man from that very moment. We went on side by side at Sympatex and have built up 10 years of professional experience together so far. And there’s good reason for that – Michael Kamm was, and indeed still is, a personal mentor to me. He has shown and taught me so much. He has always believed in me and been willing to listen to what I have had to say. On top of all that, he has given me the confidence to give so many things a go.

I am so grateful to him for a great deal of valuable work experience. I have always known he was there for me even when he wasn’t physically right by my side. Even though Michael Kamm is juggling so many important things all at once and is on the move a lot, he always knows exactly what is going on down to the very last detail. The man is nothing short of impressive!

Michael Kamm is an amazingly observant and attentive person, who keeps up with all of his social contacts around the world in a way that most other people could only dream of. He never forgets anyone’s birthday (including mine) and is fully committed to organising alumni meetings and Christmas parties with full guest lists. You can always count on him whenever you need advice on professional or personal matters.

It has always been a huge honour to work with him but it is an even bigger pleasure to know him as a person!

Cathleen Riehl
Ralph Lauren Gemany 
Sales Operation
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