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Member of supervisory & advisory boards, Interim Executive



Through his Supervisory and Advisory Board work, Michael Kamm shows his commitment to assuming responsibility and accountability towards shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and the general public. He places great importance on acting for the good of the company rather than personal interests.

He plays an active and leading role in the creation of forward-looking visions, values and a sustainable business policy, and is guided by his conscience in decisions requiring approval of business, strategies and organisational structures.

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Throughout our collaboration in two very different industries, I have always found Michael Kamm to be an open-minded sparring partner in the marketing field.

Thinking ahead, without overlooking proven values. A balance of leadership and trust.

This sums up his personal approach.

His sociable and communicative nature has always strengthened team spirit, especially in challenging times.

I regard him very highly on both a professional and personal level. An inspiring companion you can rely on unconditionally.

Beate Hoerl
Head of Marketing

I had my longest interview with Michael Kamm, when he presented himself as a perfectly prepared, committed and competent CEO.

I was impressed by his business thinking, his passion for strategic corporate directions and digitalisation.

During our collaboration, I always appreciated the reliability, precision and strong organisational skills he brought to projects.

Difficult situations were handled more easily thanks to his human, charming and open approach.

Michael Kamm has very good industry and management networks, which allow him to access high-quality potential. 

Isabella Herrmann
PharmaSGP GmbH
Product Manager