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The true strength of cooperation shows itself through sustainability


I admire Michael Kamm’s honesty and engaging nature and, on top of that, he has always been a source of inspiration and a keen networker when we have worked on projects together. He is not afraid of major transformation when business models need to be altered in line with future developments.

He was also an early innovator as far as pioneering trends in digitalisation are concerned and he always keeps a watchful eye on the business side of things.

Andreas Schwabe
Director & Partner

Michael Kamm is a dynamic character with a can-do attitude and extensive professional experience at an international level. He has a real talent for thinking creatively and is incredibly engaging in his communication style – I would say those are the keys to his ongoing success.

He is focused on getting good results and he is prepared to work consistently hard and use his own initiative to achieve them.

His mission to drive change and think ahead to the future is at the heart of everything he does.

Bettina Poullain
Director of the Board

I have known Michael Kamm for over 20 years and have rarely met a manager who combines passion and precision in such a perfect symbiosis in his work. 

He is a great networker, an attentive and emphatic listener and an obliging person who gets things done. He never loses sight of his goals and he does not allow setbacks or obstacles to steer him off his course. 

Above all, he understands how to rally people behind him and fill them with enthusiasm for an issue.

I always find it exciting and inspiring to talk to him about transformation, digitalisation and modern corporate management and I am constantly amazed at his highly developed out-of-the-box thinking.

Dr. Werner Conrad
Chairman of the Board

I had the opportunity to get to know and work with Michael Kamm on different levels over a period of many years.

As a candidate – open, honest, reliable and motivated; someone who is open-minded about new things and always fully prepared for client meetings.

As a client – precise, challenging, quick and professional; someone who is extremely appreciative of others and treats them with respect and who is strong in his appraisal of his counterparts.

In every respect, Michael Kamm is reliable and versatile – a man of integrity.

He is perfectly organised, an excellent networker and, above all, someone people always enjoy working with.

Barbara Hartmann

Heads! International - Executive Consultants
Managing Partner

Michael Kamm is an exceptional character. He recognises patterns of success in industries, companies and people.

The combination of his business analytics and creative intuition form the foundations of his success as a businessman, CEO and non-executive director.

His finely developed technical flair and learning aptitude have also allowed him to establish himself as a recognised expert in digitalisation and he applies this knowledge to business models in a forward-looking and logical way.

He represents an excellent example of core business skills: managing business, leading people, leading yourself, managing digitalisation.

He is a winner and, as a recruitment consultant, our cooperation was always characterised by absolute professionalism, trust and mutual respect.

It is fun to work with him!

Dr. Bruno J. Weidl
Managing Partner

Michael Kamm combines the skills required to work effectively with medium-sized companies with his international experience. 

We have worked together for many years and I can honestly say that he is a well-connected expert you can always count on. 

Whether he is at the top of a company hierarchy or acting as an honorary representative of the Gesamtverband der deutschen Textil + Modeindustrie (Confederation of the German Textile and Fashion Industry), the Forschungskuratorium Textil (German Textile Research Council) or the umbrella organisation Euratex, we can all learn from his expertise and use it in our efforts to shape the future of the textile industry. 

Michael Kamm is always leading the way with his innovative solutions and good ideas.

Ingeborg Neumann
Gesamtverband Textil + Mode / Peppermint Holding GmbH
President of the Gesamtverband Textil + Mode (Confederation of the German Textile and Fashion Industry)

Michael Kamm has the experience, personality and charm required to strike the perfect balance between what someone wants and what is actually possible. The crucial ability to not divide opinion and the way he always puts the interests of an organisation before those of an individual make him perfectly placed on a committee. He is able to tackle complex situations effectively thanks to his international experience and his impressively strong network.

I also consider Michael Kamm an excellent mentor and the perfect person to have on board when it comes to succession planning for family-run companies.

On a personal level, he adds something special to every conversation and he can be trusted infinitely.

Guido Happe
Board Partners & Board Academy
Managing Director

I had the great honour of working with Michael Kamm and his teams as an innovation consultant. I am always impressed by his honesty, the sheer volume of ideas he brings to the table and the extent to which he allows everyone involved to have an input. He gives everyone the chance to inspire and be inspired. He has such a huge wealth of experience to draw on. In fact, it seems as though he has an interesting contact, a fascinating story or an example of best practice up his sleeve for every topic of conversation.

Most of all, though, I have been in awe of his surprising actions on the sidelines. For example, he soon jumped in to repair the bowling alley at a bowling event we were both at. We were forced to stop play because the ropes became tangled, but there was no need to worry! Mr Kamm simply slid under the hanging ropes and untangled the knots.

And I can never forget the time he took matters into his own hands to optimise his uncomfortable seat on a plane. He even went as far as sending his suggestions for improvements to the airline.

Anke Meyer-Grashorn
große freiheit Innovationsberatung
Managing Director

Michael Kamm has been a trusted business partner as well as a good friend of mine for more than 30 years. One of his greatest personal strengths is his ability to network and he has business contacts at the highest level all around the world. The career he has behind him has allowed him to build up a particularly impressive network within the sport, textile and fashion industry segments.

I can’t think of many people at all that would deserve the title of ‘matchmaker’ more than him.

Michael Plank
Managing Partner

I have known Michael Kamm for over 30 years.

His management style involves getting to know his staff and leveraging their strengths.

He works analytically and purposefully, demonstrating excellent organisational skills.

I appreciate his calm and obliging nature and, above all, his reliability.

Ulrike Hasbargen
Ernst & Young GmbH
Partner & Leader People Advisory Services

Michael Kamm is extremely well connected across the entire textile, fashion and sporting goods industry. As a member of the committees for the Confederation of the German Textile and Fashion Industry, the German Textile Research Council, the European umbrella organisation Euratex and the European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing, he knows all the key players on the national and international stage.

He is always willing to help those in need of advice, skilfully offering practical recommendations for solving specific problems.

Dr. Uwe Mazura
Managing Director

Throughout our collaboration in two very different industries, I have always found Michael Kamm to be an open-minded sparring partner in the marketing field.

Thinking ahead, without overlooking proven values. A balance of leadership and trust.

This sums up his personal approach.

His sociable and communicative nature has always strengthened team spirit, especially in challenging times.

I regard him very highly on both a professional and personal level. An inspiring companion you can rely on unconditionally.

Beate Hoerl
Head of Marketing

In the competitive world of fast fashion e-commerce, I have come to value Michael Kamm as a charismatic leader, analytical strategist and focused tactician. 

For him, managing to find and maintain the leeway required to think and act like an entrepreneur goes hand-in-hand with an impressive management style based on numbers and results.

His approach to leadership is centred around frequent communication founded on trust and he reaches decisions that make sense.

He works with agility and transparency, whilst continuously challenging and motivating others by setting an example as a hard-working role model with an eye for detail in his day-to-day work.

Matthias Weber
Managing Partner
Franca LaMarca
Agentur LaMarca - Marketing, Vertrieb & Kommunikation
Managing Partner

I had the great pleasure of working with Michael Kamm when he was the CEO of the CBR Fashion Group. At the time, I was the Managing Director responsible for the CECIL brand, which was one of the companies in that group.

It was an ambitious phase in the company’s history and I couldn’t help but be hugely impressed at his integrity and his management style, which was centred around motivation and empathy. He also boasts an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience in the textile and fashion industry.

When working on a major pioneering omni-channel project relating to sales and marketing for CECIL, he was by my side and supporting me every step of the way thanks to his ability to adapt and apply his skills along with his willingness to welcome innovation across all areas of digital transformation.

Jesper Reismann
Bestseller A/S - Vero Moda
Brand Director
Patricia Rudigier
Rudigier Consulting
Managing Partner

Having Michael Kamm on board as an executive is a positive development for any company as a whole as well as its workforce and shareholders.

It’s such a shame that there’s only one of him! Michael Kamm tackles the absolutely crucial and often tricky issues with astounding energy, keeping everything perfectly on track with his experience, creativity and meticulous approach.

As a former management-level colleague, I hold him in high esteem. He is a partner you can place your trust in fully and you can always rely on him to give you honest advice.

Richard Lohner
Kufner Group
Managing Director (CFO)
Cathleen Riehl
Ralph Lauren Gemany 
Sales Operation

Michael Kamm has supported me for many years with his practical experience in the discussion on the digital transformation of the sport, fashion and textile sectors.

I have always found the combination of his eye for the bigger picture and close attention to detail fascinating.

His great gift is the ability to view an issue from a bird’s eye perspective and then a second later engage in a very fact-based business discussion.

He is always very well prepared and he loves numbers. In summary, I feel there is very little that I would not entrust to his care.

Mathias Gehrckens
Managing Director and Founder

I had my longest interview with Michael Kamm, when he presented himself as a perfectly prepared, committed and competent CEO.

I was impressed by his business thinking, his passion for strategic corporate directions and digitalisation.

During our collaboration, I always appreciated the reliability, precision and strong organisational skills he brought to projects.

Difficult situations were handled more easily thanks to his human, charming and open approach.

Michael Kamm has very good industry and management networks, which allow him to access high-quality potential. 

Isabella Herrmann
PharmaSGP GmbH
Product Manager

Over a period of just under three decades, I have come to know Michael Kamm as a mentor, strategist and visionary with a very far-sighted view and a deep awareness of social and environmental responsibility. 

The issue of sustainability has been a particular theme throughout his entire career, whether in the company’s own or third-party production facilities in Asia or in his commitment to recyclable and reusable materials.

He always finds the right balance between the interests of employees, the environment and the company’s short- and long-term goals.

Working with him was always an enriching experience and he is one of the few people to gain my complete trust in every respect.

Christian Ewert
Director General

What impresses me about Michael Kamm is how confidently he navigates varied professional terrain.

His experience and professional approach make him an important adviser and source of ideas for me in the healthcare and medical technology sector too, although I knew of him more as an expert in consumer goods.

He is also an enthusiastic marketing and sales specialist with a strong penchant for business development at an international level.

This was always an important driving force behind his successful business interventions.

Dr. Susanne Hoischen
Chief Medical Strategy Officer

For more than 30 years, Michael Kamm has been a valued advisor to me, having proven his ability to professionally, actively and decisively steer companies towards long-term success.

His skills in terms of good company management, the right strategy, appropriate processes and structures and professional communication are a continuous source of inspiration for me.

Wolf Matthias Mang
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Yola Bichler 
ION CLUB - Surfing Elements
Chief Executive Officer

I have known Michael Kamm for over 25 years and I hold him in high regard.

He was one of my first clients and a reliable partner from a very early stage.

In the course of our collaboration, I also benefited greatly from his business expertise and sound opinions on business developments.

He was able to provide support and well-founded advice in both successful and difficult times. 

I was always impressed by his openness, networking and curiosity for business development, innovation and brand communication issues.

Michael Kamm is without doubt one of my top companions in the business world.

Dipl. Designer Holger Bramsiepe
Managing Partner
Kathrin Schumacher
Roomers Hotel Group
Director Public Relations

Michael Kamm and I have been crossing paths repeatedly in both the business and private sphere for more than 30 years.

Over this period, I have never met anyone with a greater penchant for cost management.

The passion he applies here is impressive. This is paired with exceptional organisational skills.

The combination of these two aspects and his extensive network are undoubtedly among the reasons for his professional success.

Herbert Vogl
Kanzlei Vogl&Neumann - Wirtschaftsprüfer.Steuerberater
Managing Partner

I met Michael Kamm over 30 years ago, when we took our first steps on the career ladder together.

Over all these years, I have seen Michael take on various roles and challenges and he has always shown that he is fully committed and dedicated. That has shone through in the way he has tackled the task at hand and in the way he has interacted with his colleagues and employees.

He is extremely professional, drawing on his expertise to excel at the work he specialises in. His desire to get to the very heart of problems has certainly always helped him to achieve success.

It is always a real pleasure to have a conversation with him and share ideas.

Joerg von Petrikowsky
E&Y - ehemals Arthur Andersen & Cie