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The true strength of cooperation shows itself through sustainability


I admire Michael Kamm’s honesty and engaging nature and, on top of that, he has always been a source of inspiration and a keen networker when we have worked on projects together. He is not afraid of major transformation when business models need to be altered in line with future developments.

He was also an early innovator as far as pioneering trends in digitalisation are concerned and he always keeps a watchful eye on the business side of things.

Andreas Schwabe

Michael Kamm is a dynamic character with a can-do attitude and extensive professional experience at an international level. He has a real talent for thinking creatively and is incredibly engaging in his communication style – I would say those are the keys to his ongoing success.

He is focused on getting good results and he is prepared to work consistently hard and use his own initiative to achieve them.

His mission to drive change and think ahead to the future is at the heart of everything he does.

Bettina Poullain
Dr. Werner Conrad
Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung

Während der Dauer unserer Zusammenarbeit in zwei sehr unterschiedlichen Branchen habe ich Michael Kamm stets als aufgeschlossenen Sparrings-Partner im Bereich Marketing erlebt. Nach vorne denken, ohne Bewährtes zu vernachlässigen. Führen und Vertrauen in der Balance. Das ist sein persönlicher Ansatz.

Sein soziales, verbindendes Wesen hat den Teamgeist – vor allem in herausfordernden Zeiten – immer auf ganz besondere Weise gestärkt. Fachlich und menschlich schätze ich ihn sehr. Ein inspirierender Begleiter, auf den man sich bedingungslos verlassen kann …

Beate Hoerl
Head of Marketing

Michael Kamm is extremely well connected across the entire textile, fashion and sporting goods industry. As a member of the committees for the Confederation of the German Textile and Fashion Industry, the German Textile Research Council, the European umbrella organisation Euratex and the European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing, he knows all the key players on the national and international stage.

He is always willing to help those in need of advice, skilfully offering practical recommendations for solving specific problems.

Dr. Uwe Mazura
Dr. med. Susanne Hoischen
Chief Medical Strategy Officer

Michael Kamm has been a trusted business partner as well as a good friend of mine for more than 30 years. One of his greatest personal strengths is his ability to network and he has business contacts at the highest level all around the world. The career he has behind him has allowed him to build up a particularly impressive network within the sport, textile and fashion industry segments.

I can’t think of many people at all that would deserve the title of ‘matchmaker’ more than him.

Michael Plank
Managing Partner
Ulrike Hasbargen
Ernst & Young GmbH

In the competitive world of fast fashion e-commerce, I have come to value Michael Kamm as a charismatic leader, analytical strategist and focused tactician. 

For him, managing to find and maintain the leeway required to think and act like an entrepreneur goes hand-in-hand with an impressive management style based on numbers and results.

His approach to leadership is centred around frequent communication founded on trust and he reaches decisions that make sense.

He works with agility and transparency, whilst continuously challenging and motivating others by setting an example as a hard-working role model with an eye for detail in his day-to-day work.

Matthias Weber
Managing Partner

Michael Kamm accompanies me as a man of practice for many years in the discussion about the digital transformation of the sports, fashion and textile industry. He has always fascinated me by the combination of his view of the big picture and a simultaneous love of detail.

His great gift is to look at things from a bird’s-eye view and to engage in a very fact-based expert discussion a second later. He is always very well prepared and he loves numbers. In summary, there is not much for me that I would not give into his care.

Mathias Gehrckens
Managing Director and Founder

In about three decades, I got to know Michael Kamm as a mentor, strategist and visionary with great vision and a deep awareness of environmental and social responsibility. Above all, the topic of sustainability has accompanied him throughout his career, whether in his own or foreign production facilities in Asia or in the use of recyclable and reusable materials.

He always finds the right balance between the interests of employees, the environment and short and long-term corporate goals.

Working with him has always been an enrichment and he’s one of the few people who has every confidence in me.

Christian Ewert
Director General

I appreciate Michael Kamm’s conscientiousness, his ability to grasp complex situations and figures and, most importantly of all, his dependability when it comes to any professional and personal matter.

I have been able to blindly place my trust in him for almost 35 years now and I know I can always count on his generous support.

Michael G. Hoesch
Managing Partner
Dr. Bruno J. Weidl
Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

Michael Kamm has the experience, personality and charm required to strike the perfect balance between what someone wants and what is actually possible. The crucial ability to not divide opinion and the way he always puts the interests of an organisation before those of an individual make him perfectly placed on a committee. He is able to tackle complex situations effectively thanks to his international experience and his impressively strong network.

I also consider Michael Kamm an excellent mentor and the perfect person to have on board when it comes to succession planning for family-run companies.

On a personal level, he adds something special to every conversation and he can be trusted infinitely.

Guido Happe
Board Partners & Board Academy
Managing Director
Dipl. Designer Holger Bramsiepe