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This section contains a selection of various media articles on Michael Kamm’s work.

The publications saved in chronological order include reports on his management responsibilities as well as his entrepreneurial work and Honorary & Voluntary Engagements.

At the foot of the page, you can also find a selection of recent photographs of Michael Kamm. These images can be downloaded for use in publications as required.

In the media

Veränderung im Vorstand der Zwilling AG

Michael Kamm replaces Dr. Erich Schiffers, who served on the Zwilling board for 21 years and is leaving the Solingen-based traditional brand, which was registered in 1731, at the end of 2023. During his term as CEO, the group of companies, which has around 3,700 employees and has a turnover of around one billion euros, bought, among others, the cooking appliance manufacturers Demeyere in Belgium, Staub in France and Ballarini in Italy. Zwilling achieved record sales during the pandemic, with the share of online business rising to more than 40 percent. Recent acquisitions include the grill providers Santos and Flammkraft. The parent company Werhahn, founded in 1841, has three major business areas: The construction division, with Basalt AG as its core, is primarily involved in infrastructure projects with its numerous quarries and slate mining. In the area of financial services, Werhahn is primarily active in vehicle financing and leasing. The consumer goods division is represented by Zwilling.

Werhahn’s sales rose by eight percent to 4.3 billion euros last year, with around 10,000 employees worldwide in the medium-sized family business.


Michael Kamm has been a member of the global management board of the Swiss lingerie market leader Triumph since February 2020. As Chief Transformation Officer (CTO), he is responsible for the global implementation of the corporate strategy and the implementation of international projects.

Triumph International AG has been family-owned since 1886, is managed by three managing partners and is one of the big players in the international bodywear business with sales of EUR 1.5 billion – primarily through the two main brands Triumph and Sloggi.

Textile Platform
General Assembly of ETP elects Michael Kamm as new President

Michael Kamm was elected as the new President of the ETP in Brussels by the General Assembly of the European Technology Platform Textile. Kamm has been a member of the Governing Board of Textile ETP since 2013. In this function he represents the interests of the German textile and fashion associations. As President, he is the successor to Paolo Canonico from Italy.

Die Schrittmacher

CBR’s management team around CEO Michael Kamm aims to return the two labels CECIL with Jesper Reismann and Street One with Jim Nowak to their former strength. They will focus on multi-channel and online sales, as well as a return to wholesale distribution, with the emphasis on doing everything at pace.

Erste Hilfe

Michael Kamm joins CBR Group as CEO. With a turnover of over 600 million euros, the company is one of the dominant players in the womenswear segment, and has been operating under the umbrella of financial investor EQT for the past eight years.

SAZ Sports & Fashion
Wir glauben an die Nachhaltigkeit

After selling textile finishing firm Ploucquet, Sympatex plans to invest increasingly in the functional market. The environment is a top priority for the manufacturer of PES-based functional laminates. Interview with CEO Michael Kamm.

Sympatex verkauft Ploucquet

Munich-based Kufner Group has taken over Ploucquet GmbH from Sympatex Holding GmbH. According to CEO Kamm, the sale is strategically essential for Sympatex’s focus on functional textiles.


ForwardTextileTechnologies Online
Sympatex erhält Top Job Trophäe für herausragende Arbeitgeberqualitäten

Wolfgang Clement honours Sympatex and presents the sought-after award to CEO Michael Kamm. The company earned the award in particular for its management’s strategic focus on engendering long-term loyalty in its specialist staff.

Frisch Fair Funktional

Innovative products are setting new trends for the 2016 outdoor autumn season. Sympatex CEO Michael Kamm reports on what will be adding functional and technical value in future.

Börse Express
Wir sind die ökologische Alternative zum Marktführer

Michael Kamm aims to grow GoreTex competitor Sympatex. The company markets leading membranes, laminates and functional textiles worldwide.

soq.de Sport-Insider
Sympatex Technologies als Top Innovator ausgezeichnet

Sympatex is one of Germany’s top innovators of 2014. As a result, the environmentally friendly choice among functional textile specialists was recognised with the ‘Top 100’ mark. Ranga Yogeshwar presented the award to CEO Michael Kamm in Essen.

Visionen zu vernünftigen Preisen

Sympatex CEO Michael Kamm on the climate in the laminates business. Under his leadership, the company has taken on the challenge of positioning its products appropriately and defining a USP in recent years.

raus magazin
Werkspionage bei Sympatex in Zittau und München

Sympatex has taken the temperature of the times. The Munich-based company has been focusing on a ‘Guaranteed Green’ membrane technology for years, using single-origin polyester-based laminates and fluorocarbon-free, water-repellent finishes. A look behind the scenes by CEO Michael Kamm and his team.

Bond Magazine
Wir sehen unser Produkt eindeutig als überlegen an

Sympatex plans to issue a corporate bond. In an interview with Bond Magazine, CEO Michael Kamm explains the market environment and strategy.

sport + mode
Sympatex - eine grüne Alternative

Comprehensive repositioning of functional textile manufacturer Sympatex. Focus on optimised ecological sustainability and top performance. Interview with CEO Michael Kamm on the ‘Guaranteed Green’ approach.

Financial Times Deutschland
I´m Bag! Showtime

Bag-maker Aigner tidies up. The return of a luxury brand that had been written off. Under the leadership of CEO Michael Kamm, the Munich label returned to its former leather tradition. Aigner is now back in the world of glamour.

Textil Mitteilungen
Für Aigner ist Stil Pflicht

Prestigious label Aigner has been making fashion history for four decades. The Munich-based company under CEO Kamm now wants to hark back to its bygone glory days – with clearer branding and lower costs.

Etienne Aigner: Umsatz sinkt, weniger Verlust

Streamlining successful! Cost-savings to continue, positioning as lifestyle brand honed. According to CEO Kamm, leaner collections and fewer POS led to marginal decreases in turnover but major reductions in losses.

Die Magie des Hufeisens

Etienne Aigner AG is fighting for its position in the luxury goods market. New CEO Kamm must maintain an international presence, sort out the problems with the DOB and HAKA licenses and come to terms with the owner.

Süddeutsche Zeitung
Etienne Aigner besinnt sich auf alte Stärken

Aigner aims to return to growth again after restructuring. According to CEO Michael Kamm, its target growth regions are the Middle and Far East. The number of mono-label stores is to increase from 130 to 150 shops.

Verjüngungskur für Aigner

Michael Kamm chosen to lead leather goods manufacturer Etienne Aigner AG out of the red and point the way forward for the traditional brand. Slowing consumption will exacerbate the situation.

Handelsblatt – Verjüngungskur für Aigner


Manager Magazin
Neuer Lenker für den Luxus

Ringing in a new generation at the Munich fashion firm. Etienne Aigner replaces old head with a younger one. Michael Kamm (44) takes over as CEO from Udo Dengs (65).

surf Magazin
Millionen mit der Nadel gemacht

North Sails left Neil Pryde in its wake and is the clear market leader. The vision of bosses Michael Kamm and Michael Plank promises innovative products and a focus on customers.

Magazin surfen
Die Bosse - Mister & Mister North

Both in the same boat: Michael Kamm and Michael Plank from sailing and windsurfing market leaders North Sails based in the south of Munich. In 1990, the two hard-working entrepreneurs followed in the footsteps of sailing pioneer Eckart Wagner.

Süddeutsche Zeitung
Hart am Wind auf der Erfolgswelle segeln

Dynasties, outsiders, newcomers: Michael Kamm, Michael Plank and Albert Schweizer are at the top of the list with the production of sailing boats and windsurfers. The products of North Sails are in high demand worldwide.


Actual photos

Here we offer you a selection of recent recordings of Michael Kamm.

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